Friday, March 15, 2013

Miguel Saavedra, Yoani Sánchez y los Mítines de Repudio

Miguel Saavedra de Vigilia Mambisa

 No dudo que todo lo hayan planificado los espías de Castro que habitan cómodamente en Miami para generar estado de opinión contrario al pueblo cubano exiliado.
 Por desgracia, los cubanos hemos sufrido mucho bajo Castro, tenemos muchas ganas de libertad pero poca orientación y sobre todo, mucho individualismo y deseo de protagonismo. No somos capaces de ver lo que es importante, enfocarnos en eso y dejar lo secundario para su momento adecuado.
Miguel Saavedra of Vigilia Mambisa never once uttered or wrote the hateful, cowardly Castroite term "Acto de Repudio" or "Mitin de Repudio." Nor does he have anything remotely of that hateful, cowardly Castroite sort planned for when Yoani Sanchez visits Miami.
"We disagree on Yoani Sanchez' position regarding the Cuban Five, the embargo, and the Guantanamo base," explained Mr Saavedra to your humble and hardworking servant here. "We have nothing against her personally. Many of us were victims of Actos de Repudios in Cuba. It's the LAST thing we'd partake of ourselves. We think Ms Sanchez is wrong on these issues and we will avail ourselves of our legal rights to show our disagreement. When the cameras show up, it'll provide a great opportunity to explain to many people uninformed on these details how these three issues are also on the agenda of the Castro regime. But we're not accusing her of being some kind of spy."
"A Spanish blogger named Joan Antonio Guerrero made up the actos the repudio meme," says Saavedra. "Then others ran with it, including Wilfredo Cancio. I never used those terms. I used the term "demonstrations."
A careful reading of this item in Diario de Cuba written by a Cuban emigrant to Spain, Michel Suarez (who worked at Castro's CMKC radio station till 2002, by the way, before jumping to Radio-Marti) will show Suarez strongly insinuating that Saavedra used them, but you never actually find quotation marks around the term. The term is Suarez' own, as lifted from Antonio-Guerrero.
A careful reading of this much better piece in Diario Las Americas will even show Saavedra explaining how he has often tried to communicate with Yoani Sanchez, to no avail. And how he would welcome a chance, when she visits Miami, to sit with her to discuss these issues--not to throw rotten eggs at her, for heavens sake.

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